Monday, May 15, 2006

Batman Surprise

My older sister Amanda's son Aidan turned three last week. Anyone who knows Aidan knows that he is one special kid. He loves Batman, as you can see he even sports the Batman clothing line. For a few weeks before his Birthday his Mom and I arranged for Batman to come to Aidan's birthday party, but only if he started to go pee pee in the potty. We made a few phone calls to the Batline and had Aidan talk to Batman in anticipation of his birthday party. Batman told Aidan he would only come to the party if Aidan went pee pee and poo poo in the potty. Well, Aidan did start using the potty and he talked about Batman and his birthday party for weeks until finally the day came. Aidan's party was at my house, we had a Batman cake and everything. About half way through, Batman really did arrive at the door for Aidan's party. Aidan was in awe. He hardly believed his eyes, he really believed it was Batman. When it was time for Batman to go and get back to fighting crime, he made a extravagent exit, leeping from the balcony with his cape flowing in the wind and all. Aidan was left with his mouth wide open and feeling content that truly Batman had just come to his party. It was a day to remember. Batman's true identity still is not yet known, although I saw something in his eyes that looked remarkably familiar. Poor Joseh missed seeing Batman, he mysteriously disapeared just before Batman arrived. Hmmmm....

Fancy Feet

We had an exciting Mothers Day Weekend. All the ladies in the Clements family got together Saturday morning and got spa pedicures. Mother Clements had never had one and the rest of the girls were definatley in need of some pampering. We all laughed and giggled and talked about girl stuff. I highly recommend it to all you woman out there who work hard and need a break!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Chillaxin in the Sun

Watch out! It's the Maddens.......

Spring is here and we could not be happier. We planted a few things in our small garden and have been watching them slowly grow. We have tomatoes, cucumbers, a variety of herbs, a gerber daisy (one of the most happiest flowers) and some snapdragons (which are fun to play with because you can make them talk and sing). Joseph is working hard in school and getting good grades while I am recently with out a job and finding myself with a lot of extra time on my hands. I started a prenatal yoga class, which I LOVE, and have been helping my sister with her kids while she gets ready to go back to work. I am attempting to get started on making a baby blanket and finally getting to all those pictures that need to be organized, they go as far back as high school (I have ALOT of work to do). Something about scapbooking and me just don't get along. I just got my invite to my 10 year high school reunion which is kind of scarry but at least I'll have had the baby by then and had a little time to hopefully shed off some of the baby weight. The baby is growing fast and packin quite the punch. It loves to sit on my bladder which is lovely when you are nowhere near a bathroom. I have had to waddle my way to the car quite a few times and head to the nearest restroom. I am on my 30th week and am getting really excited to meet this bundle of joy that has been inside me for the past 7 months. Plus I am excited to have something to do that is as worthwhile as being a Mom! Well, we have not taken any pictures recently but here are some from the wedding and so forth for those who havnt seen them. We love to read about all of everyones stories and news here on the blog waves. You all are so wonderful. We are looking forward to Memorial Day weekend because we get to go see Ben Harper and Bedoin Soundclash in Bend. We are also going to camp the weekend out, if we can find a campsite that is. (If anyone knows of a good campground near Bend that is first come first serve, let us know..thnxs) Till next time....over and out.

Growing Up

Growing Up