Saturday, October 01, 2011

Bear Country

This is what was on our front porch the other night.
Black bear black bear what do you see? I see some bird seed waiting for me. We left a big box of bird seed out on the porch and this bear couldn't get enough of it. We couldn't get him to leave! Silly bear, don't you know bird seed is for birds:) Kaitlyn started kindergarten!
She loves it, her teacher is great. I am enjoying watching her grow up, it's brought back some beautiful memories of my own childhood that had gone dormant. Kaitlyn has made lots of friends, she came home with a friends phone number the other day and has not stopped asking me to call for a play date since. I'm not exactly sure what to do with ALL the papers that come home from school. The pile is growing exponentially and it's only a month in. I'm determined to come up with some unique way to preserve the memories for her but at the same time not have them overtake my house. The other thing that made me laugh was the first week the teacher struggled with Kaitlyn over her lunch. Katie REALLY wanted school lunch but we always sent one with her. The teacher talked it over with me and I told Kaitlyn if she went a week without complaining about her lunch she could have school lunch once a week. She complied and now she enjoys her once a week greasy delicious school lunch. It's been fun to hear all the typical kindergarten stories, like boys chasing girls at recess and so forth;) We found a fabulous preschool here for Adam he LOVES it and is growing up so fast.
He is a natural reader. So good with words and sounds. He also started up in Hockey, although he has a lot to learn, just seeing how much fun he has makes it worth it.
Kaitlyn got to try out the first day with Adam and was a natural on the ice but was already committed to soccer and dance this year. Fall is in full swing here we got our Halloween all planned and our door decorated with bats and spiders. Just picked up our pumpkins today. I am trying to figure out what to do with myself now that the kids are in school. I am working at the office with Joseph and taking it slow till I find exactly what I want to do. Dr. Joseph, which is what he is called at the office since both him and his Dad are Dr. Shepro, loves being a Chiropractor. He is in Yakutat this weekend seeing patients and will be home soon. We are excited to spend the first ever holidays in Juneau and with Joseph's parents. They have been so generous with letting us stay with them and work in their office. We are anxious although to get out on our own and start our lives up for real. For now we got to find a new car as our Honda took a turn for the worst. Poor car, took us to Iowa and back 3 times and got us to Juneau here. Lots of memories were made in that car, it's funny how cars can hold cherished moments for families. I remember so many cars from my childhood and all hold special memories for me and my family...lots of funny stories too.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Juneau Girl

Well we have been here in Juneau for almost 2 months now. I have to say I have become a good ol' Juneau girl. I am loving the weather, the mountains and the family up here! Despite the lack of shopping I have found that this place suites me rather well. Kaitlyn and Adam are loving it as well, they think everyone should move here. I have heard Kaitlyn say 8 million times, "Can't Aunt Amanda move up here and Grandma and Poppy"! Joseph is really loving his job. His Dad and him make a good team and his Mom and I work hard to keep the office running smooth. Not living in Iowa among the avid Chiropractic fans that are there it has been interesting how little the rest of the population knows about Chiropractic and it's benefits. Exspecially for kids. So I have been spreading the Love all over town and sharing how AWESOME chiropractic is! I am just about done unpacking and now have the fun job of getting crafty and decorating some more. Joseph's parents home is beautiful and I am excited to do some fun stuff with it, especially outside:) I will post pics as each room gets done, I have been finding lots of fun ideas on blogs and have a huge crafting bucket list! Here are some of the pics I had on one of my SD cards..I have a few cards FULL of photos so I'll keep posting as I have time.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011


That is about how many children go missing EVERY DAY! I am astonished, today I got a terrible taste of what it might feel like to have a child go missing. Kaitlyn, Adam and I were all together in the living room. The kids were playing with their toys and I was unpacking some books onto a bookshelf. I asked the kids to put away their toys and ended up having to put Adam in his bed because he refused to help (go figure). I came back to the living room and Kaitlyn was gone. I did'nt think much of it at first, I started calling her name and looking for her so she could finish helping pick up but I got no response and could not find her anywhere. I got a little more curious and started looking everywhere. Under beds patiently thinking she was hiding or something. Then as I still had no luck in finding her I started to worry she went outside. We live right on a river now and it worries me a little but the kids are scared to go down there with me let alone by themselves so I doubted she would go down there. But alas she was not to be found out front, in the car or in the house so I started to panic. I asked Grandpa for help and he said, "Go run down by the river and I'll continue scouring the house for her". I ran down to the river, shouting her name. My heart was racing, I started to feel a panic attack hitting. My mind was racing a thousand miles an hour of all the possible terrible scenarios. What if she was taken, or was lying helpless hurt somewhere and couldnt shout my name. What if she was down by the river swept away in the current. I was starting to shake and shout her name louder and with more emotion. I ran inside having not found her anywhere outside. I yelled to my father in law.."Where is she?"..his eyes were full of worry and concern, he had called Joseph as Kaitlyn was no where to be found. Joseph called back and Grandpa ran outside to search the river more. I pleaded with Joseph to hurry home, he was already close by and told me to call 911. I called and the police were on their way. Joseph arrived with his Mom who was the only calm person through all of this, she having had lots of experience with these situations as her 5 kids were full of suprises. Joseph's Mom ran in the house and called Kaitlyn's name, I turned to her and said.."Joan I'm going to loose it, I am loosing it." It had been at least 20 min now and I was convinced that she was gone-I was faced with for a moment the idea that my sweet little Kaitlyn was missing..FOR REAL. My whole body was swirling, I was seeing colors, I felt like the world around me was spinning and I could not stop it. Joan ran up the stairs and said, "Kaitlyn I have some candy for you, come and get it". She repeated it a few times and I melted on the stairs. I had looked everywhere at least 5 times. I prayed another prayer of many and heard Joan say-"Kaitlyn, there you are"! I looked up the stairs and there was my sweet little Kaitlyn with her big brown eyes and precious little hands. Oh my how relieved I was-I balled and sobbed and sobbed some more. I am SO LUCKY! Then as I held her in my arms and pleaded with her to NEVER do that again I began to ache for those mothers who don't get that opportunity. Whose children really are gone. My heart goes out to them and I hope that somehow they can find the faith and strength to move on. It would have been so hard for me, I am not sure how I would have been able to go on even for another minute not knowing where my daughter was. The gosepl gives me strength I would not have on my own but it would take hard work even with my faith to overcome a challenge as hard as losing a child. Kaitlyn was hiding in a closet behind some boxes that looked so packed together that there would be no space for her in amongst them. She had a flashlight. It took her literally 1 minute to find that hiding spot which is how long I would assume it takes for a child to go missing-so quickly. Hold tight to the ones you love. Tell them you love them and enjoy every moment. I am not sure I'm gonna let my kids out of my sight any time soon, I hope I never have to endure such a terrible trial and I wish more than anything that those two thousand some odd families would not have to endure it either. Tonight I kissed Kaitlyn and Adam extra hard and long and squeezed them so tight. Oh and I told Kaitlyn she is NEVER aloud to play hide and seek EVER again!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

These Two are to Blame!

Since I've been home it has been my pleasure to spend some time with these two adorable creatures.
My Niece Stella
My other Niece Layla
I thought it was going to take me a LONG time to talk myself into having another baby (like maybe NEVER). Not that my two are horrible, in fact they are wonderful. It's just that having them so close was a little traumatic and the added stress of being in school and living in the wonderful state of Iowa didnt help either. Somehow though, lately, I've been having those "baby" thoughts. I never thought this was possible and when I have the thoughts I get a little irritated because I know what having a baby means...9 months of torture plus no sleep, getting NOTHING done and a complete sacrifice of myself. Plus, now that I've had two I would require myself to do it perfectly this time..make no mistakes because I'm experienced now, I should know what I am doing..right? I'm blaming these baby thoughts on these two. I mean look at them..They are adorable! Plus their little personalities are just darling. I can't help but want one. Dang cute kids, I gotta stop hanging out with them:) Anyone got a colicky baby I can hang around for a few days?

Growing Up

Growing Up