Sunday, April 05, 2009


Yeah, the New kids on the block were just in town. Did I go to the concert? No...Did I want to? Yes....Was I willing to pay $80 for a ticket? No...I was in 5th grade when NKOTB came out..I was not as obsessed as some but I must say I could dance up a storm to their music and had a very large button and poster with them on it. I heard them on T.V. recently and sorry to say was not impressed but still it takes a lot of guts to come back after so long....I'm not sure what would have been more see the New Kids re-live their younger years or to watch all the 30 year old momma's go crazy over their old teen heart throbs...actually I think the funnest part would be to break out all my old dance moves...roger rabbit..running hammer...oh yeah!!!!

I have been on a crafting binge. A friend from Oregon got me started making Hair Bows over winter break and now I can't stop. I have found many different techniques and love to come up with my own ideas as well. It's a fun craft, you should try it out. I also have been making cards, it is one of my favorite crafts because you can start and finish all in one day. I have a hard time with crafts that never really end. I also have been doing some home decorating. I made our family name with wood letters and Amy Butler paper. I modge podged the paper onto the wood letters and put them on the wall. It turned out great....I plan to do something similar in our bedroom with Amy Butler Paper and our Wedding Photos even including a matching blanket and pillows for the bed. I'll post it when I'm done. I get most of my ideas off of blogs that are dedicated to sharing their crafting ideas and projects. If you know of a good site please let me know. I love new ideas. My sister Amanda recently came and crafted with me. She brought her new baby Estelle who is THE CUTEST BABY ON THE PLANET! I could not get enough of her, or my sister. I miss the both A LOT!

Recently a friend from a club I am a part of on Joseph's campus was diagnosed with Leukemia. Shortly after receiving treatment she had two strokes and underwent brain surgery. Her life completely changed in a matter of moments. I went and visited her just after surgery and she was on life support unable to move her body. She looked completely different, her future looked uncertain. Although she was not LDS our ward felt compelled to fast and pray for her. Her chances of living were one in ten. Miraculously within just a few weeks..I just last night had a phone conversataion with her. I have to tell you after I got off the phone I could not help but smile with amazment, I could not believe that she had come so far so fast. Through this experience I have learned so many things but most of all it is to not take anyone for granted. This girl was one of those people who did not stand out in a crowd, she was quiet and easily unnoticed. I have to admit that I did not make much of an attempt to befriend her beyond just casual conversation. Yet now that I have had the chance to get to know her through this experience I have seen how amazing she is and feel sorry that I did not develop a friendship previous to this experience. It makes me wonder how many people I let pass me by who either need me, or I need them. I want to strive to notice the unnoticed, to get to know everyone I can and not let an opportunity pass to get to know someone and to be friends with them. I want you all to know that I care about you and follow your lives through your blogs and am inspired by your creativity and charisma. You all make me want to be better and do more. Thank you for being my friend...despite my imperfections:)
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Growing Up

Growing Up