Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm Dreaming of a White Easter

This Easter was a white one for us. It started snowing Saturday night and then Sunday it snowed off and on. The weather is fairly warm though so it did not stick around very long. Saturday we went to a friends in the morning for a brunch and Easter Egg Hunt. Kaitlyn actually understood a little bit of what was going on this year so it made all the Easter activities fun. She knows that the bunny goes, "Hop-Hop-Hop"! I did not dare try Egg Dying this year but I hope next year we can start that tradition. I saw a cute idea in a magazine to dye easter eggs with chalkboard paint and then let the kids draw on them with chalk. It looked like it might be a little less messy for young kids then egg dying. Anywhoo, Saturday night we went to a chili cook-off and made a super yummy creamy chili, it did not win any awards but it sure was good. If anyone wants the recipe just let me know. Sunday we dressed the kids up in their Easter gear, and went to church and then that evening we went to another friends for dinner. It was a fun weekend even though Joseph had a super lot of studying to do. This trimester is turning out to be one of his hardest ever. Everyone says this is the hardest of them all so we are taking it seriously. Joseph comes home for dinner, helps put kids to bed and that is about all we see him. He does make sure to take a few hours each weekend to have family time with us which is nice. If it's not hard it's not worth it! Kaitlyn is learning words by the minute. Right now she loves to say Cockadoodledoo! We went to the zoo today and she LOVED it! I am so excited to go often this summer since it's only 20 minutes away. Here some pics of our Easter Adventure and of the Quillow I made recently. Cheers....

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring Is On It's Way!!!!

This week was eventful. The previous routine I posted went way out the window (Thank Heavens)! The weather actually warmed up, the snow has all melted, the birds are singing and spring actually looks like it may happen. So, the kids and I played outside quite a bit. Kaitlyn LOVES to play at what I call the "Rock Pit"-it's behind the garages in our parking lot and Kaitlyn loves to find different kinds of rocks and then throw them as far as she can. When we are done I kick them all back into the pile. Lucky me! I started making a Quillow, which is a quilt that folds into a pillow..thus a quillow. I met Joseph down on campus for lunch a few days this week which was fun. Friday we all went to the YMCA for the first time. I am so excited to get into an exercise routine. The kids did awesome in the daycare (which is FREE) so I am going to add exercising to my routine on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Saturday we tried to go see the St. Patricks Day Parade but ended up leaving because it was a little chilly and the parade was getting off to a slow start, really we left because Kaitlyn wanted to run out into the middle of the street and also dig in the gutters which were full of cigarette buts...She is so curious I love it and usually I am all about letting my kids get their fingers dirty but I had to draw the line on this one. Kaitlyn is talking more and more. I think she talks more then I think because I have noticed what I thought was just babbling has now turned into actual words. It's AWESOME! There is something about your child learning to makes you feel comforted to know they are learning something from you (or maybe Sesame Street). Adam is pulling himself up onto things, almost standing. He is such an animal, he has fast hands. He can grab something like the speed of lightning. He also has started making a noise that sounds like a machine gun so we have started giving him the nick name Ammo. It is so cute. Joseph is really busy lately, studying and involvement at school and church. He is such a trooper. I think he thrives on having work to do. The cutest thing happened Saturday Morning. We went to get the kids up and brought them into bed with us to cuddle and play for a bit (one of my favorite times of day). It was cute though because Kaitlyn and Adam did not want to cuddle us instead they cuddled up to each other and held hands. It was the sweetest thing on earth. They looked at each other with such loving eyes. Adam has been following Kaitlyn around like a puppy dog and most days Kaitlyn will play nice with him. They are really becoming good friends and nothing could make me more happy. I am looking forward to Easter and hope everyone is enjoying the beginnings of Spring. Here are some pictures from this winter....enjoy!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


No Joseph is not pregnant (see last blog post).

Monday, March 03, 2008

Under Construction

Be patient with me while I try to figure out how to make my page more interesting. I have a minute or two here or there to work on it. Currently Adam is at my feet whimpering for some love but I just wanted everyone to know that I am working on it-slowly but surely-I am working on it. Please don't be offended either if you don't see your name in my friends list anymore....I still love you-I just have to re add everyone. We are doing good, Joseph starts his second trimester tomorrow so we are gearing up for that, everyone says the second is the worst so this may be a trying 4 months. Adam is now rolling across the floor as if he might die and any minute due to lack of better run...

Growing Up

Growing Up