Monday, September 21, 2009

Not procrastination just VERY busy!!!!!

So do not be decieved I do read your blogs I just never have time to post on my own once I've read all of yours:) I just realized it's been 3 months and oh my goodness it's been a crazy three months. I will give a recap and than post some pics. To spare you all from my dialogue I will simply do a bulleted list of what we've done..if you want more details just we go...

1) Drove 4000 miles to Oregon and Back
2) When to the Oregon Coast..had a BLAST
3) Saw over 20 Chiropractic Clinics, got some good ideas
4) Spent some Time with Family...Miss them a lot
5) Went to Temple Square and hung out with Sis In Law Alisyn...SOO FUN!
6) Lots and Lots of playing outside..had a super good summer season
7) Joseph's parents came for Palmer Homecoming, was good to see them
8) Drove back to Utah for Joseph's brother's wedding saw all of Joseph's family it was awesome! They had not all been together in a VERY long time
9) Kaitlyn turned 3---I LOVE 3! 3 is good!
10) Took binkies away from both kids....ended up giving them back on our road trip to Utah when Joseph wanted to drive straight through from Iowa to Utah for the wedding. Yeah, it was crazy. Kids actually like traveling but that was a bit much.
11) Took binkies away again but ended up giving Adam back his at night...poor guy loves his binky. Kaitlyn claims "binkies are NOT for babies" but does not protest for long as she knows as with most protests in our country they get little accomplished:)
12) Potty trained Kaitlyn she is currently wearing Minnie Mouse Undies although a friend just bought her leopard print ones...Joseph refuses to let her wear them. Nathalie, I told ya so.
13) Adam is the epitomy of the Terrible Two's...textbook tatrum thrower and refuses to use words to express himself. We are working on it although I must say he throws a pretty good tantrum. Very impressive!
14) Been camping, Adam got stung twice by a wasp. He was upet for about 10 minutes then wanted to go right back to the same playground infested with the wasps to play. Did some hiking, remembered how much I LOVE hiking. Miss those Oreogn woods.
15) Went to Chicago with some friends, had so much fun. Eat at the Grand Lux Cafe, soooo yummy!
16) Craft-Craft-Craft
17) Bought a huge flat screen T.V. one of Joseph's only purchases since we have been married. He claims,"You would have spent the money anyways so I went ahead and spent it before you could". He is probably right.
18) Have completely stopped exercising but plan to get right back on track tommorow...yeah right...
19) Going to start a diet when pigs fly.
20) Have been trying to give my kids choices instead of telling them what to do, it requires a lot of creativity and thinking on your toes. Not a master of it yet but plan to be.
21) Been planning a trip to anywhere for forever and really want to go but apparently I have two kids and a husband who is too busy.
22) Been holding my friends new baby, Paige, she is adorable! I actually got to see her be born. Not on purpose, it just kind of worked out that way. So I pretty much consider myself her auntie. Which is good because I'm not ready for another of my own yet but I still get my baby fix. PERFECT!
23) Joseph starts clinic in November, we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Tute tute! I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. I am not naive enough to not know although that once school is done it only presents a whole new world of challenges and hard work. If it's not's not worth it...that is what I keep telling myself at least.
24) Kaitlyn started pre-school...She LOVES it and the teachers are awesome!
25) So looking forward to fall and for my parents to come visit.
26) Miss my family and friends in Oregon and everywhere across the world...a lot!
27) Some of my good friends from here are finishing school and I am really sad to see all of them leave.
28) Got released from Nursery and am now the ward librarian. Can I get a woop woop.
29) Almost went to Hawaii but the flights were completely full and we were flying on passes...makes me want to cry.
30) Is anyone else so tired of finishing folding and putting away laundry only to find that sitting in the hampers are 3 more loads. The job never ends...
31) That is how old I am....curse those gray hairs they just keep coming.....Sigh, not sure if I'll ever feel my age again cause last I remembered I was 25

Well hope you laughed at least once. Give me a shout out...which means leave me a message....word to your mama! Peace out Pony... (those are Kaitlyn's two favorite things to say when saying goodbye..well that and giving knuckles)

Growing Up

Growing Up