Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kaitlyn's Farm Birthday

For the longest time Kaitlyn has been saying she wants a Dora party, but I didn't believe her because we don't watch Dora or have any Dora paraphernalia. Fortunately, last minute, she changed her mind and decided she wanted a farm birthday, well this I believed. She adores animals, ex specially horses and it seemed a bit more like the little girl I know. We started off the day by Kaitlyn and I going to the mall for a little shopping and girl time. We headed to the spa and got our first mommy daughter pedicures. Kaitlyn is a girl after my own heart, she LOVED being pampered and knew exactly how to relax and enjoy the pedicure. Kaitlyn can be a girly girl but also is rough and tough. Most of her good friends end up being boys, she just relates to them better for some reason. While we were at the mall Daddy and Adam were busy putting together Kaitlyn's Farm Party. They got ice cream cake and put up farm animals all over the walls. Kaitlyn was so excited when she got home. We played farm for a while and than our adoptive Iowa family..our neighbors..came over for fish dinner. Kaitlyn loves fish, ex specially salmon, but our poor student budget only could afford Tilapia. Sorry Kaitlyn one day we shall have a salmon feast!

Monday, July 19, 2010


Every parent who has potty trained knows that it's NOT easy! It's funny to think about what an important skill this is to teach your children. It's something they will do every day..mutiple times for the REST of their lives. I don't think we appreciate enough our Parents for teaching us to go potty in the toilet. Let's face it, if they didnt we'd still be wearing diapers, which could be rather embarassing as an adult! So Thank you Mom and Dad for teaching me and teaching me well:)

Adam was way more stubborn than Kaitlyn with the potty stuff. He made me want to give up soooooo many times. You can only handle so many messes before you want to scream. But alas, I had bought my last box of diapers and I was NOT going to buy anymore so I stuck with it. I tried really hard to always help Adam be successful by asking him to go OFTEN. It was really fustrating and time consuming but I knew at some point the switch would go off in his brain and he would finally DECIDE to do it himself. After a good month, he finally chose to do it and not only during the day but he was waking up to go at night too. Yay! I was so afraid about the night time with Adam but he has been perfect for a few weeks now. I may really suck at a lot of Mom stuff but I feel pretty darn good that somehow I got both my kids potty trained.

Now I just need to teach them to wipe:)

Growing Up

Growing Up