Monday, August 21, 2006

Our Photo Gallery

Hey guys, just wanted you to know we set up a link from our blog here to our Kodak photo gallery. See the links that are on the right of this page. The photos are on a cool web site put out by Kodak where you can easily share a lot of photos at once with family and friends. It is a lot easier then trying to post a lot of pictures on the blog or through email. Check them out if your interested. Love you all lots. The Shepro's

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Kaitlyn Joan Shepro

Here she is, our "Sweet Little Angel-Sent From Heaven". She arrived July 5th at 1:30pm weighing in at a whopping 6lbs 11ounces. She came as a surprise (2 1/2 weeks early), we were not ready, but I guess who really is their first time? We were scheduled for a weekend lamaze class the weekend after she was born so we had no formal training :) but we saved $70 bucks by not taking the class and we did just fine without it. That is of course thanks to my sister Amanda who coached me through the about 12 hours of intense contractions and then about 35 min of pushing. YIKES! I did it all without any drugs (not by choice) and do not reccomend it to anyone who does not enjoy severe pain. IT HURT! I plan on making sure I get an epidural next time. But once our beautiful Kaitlyn was here it was all worth it, the whole thing, and yes I will have more kids despite how awful pregnancy is!

Joseph did a fabulous job, he was right there with me the whole time, cheering me on and stuff. What a man, what a man, what a mighty good is a sweet picture of you can see he is really excited to be a new Dad!

It has been fun and challenging to learn all that comes with being parents. We are developing many new skills, like being able to function on little to no sleep and change a diaper in less then 30 seconds. We also have learned that it takes just a little bit longer to get ready to leave the house, we can't just up and go anymore. But those precious moments, staring into your little childs eyes are priceless and unforgettable. I am doing great, had a quick recovery and have a hard time staying at home. I take Kaitlyn out everywhere and have shown her many new things. She is such a good girl and is growing up so fast. It's been almost 6 weeks already since she arrived and she has definately developed tremendously. She is starting to smile, coo and hold her head up while on her tummy. She is a quick learner. We love her to pieces and honestly believe she ist he cutest baby in the world :)

We recently arrived in Juneau Alaska and will be here for the rest of the summer. This is Joseph's parents first grand baby so we had to come and let them enjoy her. We had an adventure getting here. We stopped in Seattle for a few days and visited Joseph's Grandma and Cousin. It was neat for Kaitlyn to be held by her Great Grandma and to spend some time with them. The day after we arrived in Juneau, Joseph's sister, JJ, had her baby boy. So Kaitlyn got to meet her cousin and they have enjoyed taking naps together and such. They are the cutest. I will post some pictures of them together soon. We are glad to be here in Juneau with Joseph's family and send our love to all of you. We hope everyone is doing well. We will post more often now that the storm has settled. Love lots, The Sheprosaurus's

Growing Up

Growing Up