Saturday, August 25, 2007

Friday, August 03, 2007

One Long Blog Ago....

It's about time, Right? One long Blog ago, we used to keep this thing updated. It's been hard with both babies to keep all my different accounts going. I have friends with Blogs, friends on Myspace and even some friends on Facebook. I wish I could get everyone I know to be in one place. Just for your information my myspace url is and you can find me on facebook as well. Anywhoo...What is going on with the Shepro's. Well we had Kaitlyn's 1st birthday part at Silver Creek Falls Park. It was lots of fun. She is just now walking, at her own leisure, and starting to do sign language and copy whatever I say. So, I've had to watch what I call her b/c the last thing I need her to do is to start calling people "stinker butt". My favorite thing Kaitlyn does is when she has to go to the bathroom, she stops whatever she is doing and gets a very serious look on her face and makes grunting noises. It is disgusting I know, but oh so funny. If you don't appreciate potty humor, sorry for that comment. Adam is now almost 3 months old. He is getting more and more charismatic as you can see by the photo above. He likes to smile and laugh and is holding his head up well. He has been such a good baby despite the scary start we had. Thank goodness for his patience b/c having two so close together has not been the easiest. And now that I said that, he just started crying, I'm going to have to feed him. Why is that whenever you say something nice about one of your children they have to go and instantly prove you wrong. For instance every time I say how well one of my kids is sleeping- that night they will sleep terribly. It's almost like they hear you and think to themselves, "oh ya-ya think so. Well we'll see tonight won't we". So we moved to Davenport Iowa. It's right on the Mississippi River, part of the Quad Cities, which means it's part of 4 cities so it's actually quite busy here. Lots of good ol' American roots, it's nice to experience a different culture. Davenport is full of art, music and sports. Everyone seems to run, besides me of course.. just kidding I run, when I have too. I do like going on walks though and they have the absolutely best trails for walking. 7 miles worth in fact that run through different parks and even take you by the new public library. Can't get much better then that when your a "mommy". The trail goes right by our apartment too. We love our town house. It's very large, well maintained and is surrounded by other LDS couples going to Palmer (the chiropractic school) and they all have young kids like we do. I know I'll make some good friends here. There is also an Institute at the school so I am taking a course independently. Joseph is studying hard, he is currently taking some classes to get his Bachelors in general science and Organic Chemistry. He will start the Chiro program the beginning of November. He is loving it, definitely in his element here. I love watching him learn and get excited about his career. So, besides missing my family and friends a TON, this place is turning out to be pretty amazing. Plus the corn is to die for. Even if none of you come to see us, you got to come just so you can have some corn. (you all are welcome anytime! anytime!! I mean it anytime!!!!!) We love you all to pieces and hope life is bringing you lots of good things. We are so grateful for the Lord and for the Gospel. It has brought us to many great places in our lives and I'm sure to many more.

Down of the Mississippi River...

Growing Up

Growing Up