Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pretty Much THE Perfect Day!

Woke up..cuddled hubby and to cuddle exspecially in the winter!

Husband gave me a healthy breakfast of apples and a Nutrigrain Bar with a glass of water...not how I usually start out my day but I gave it a try:)

House was clean when we woke up...oh so nice!

Went to the Farmer's Market to pick out some Pumpkins, gords and some Veggies. It was oh so bitter cold so we ran quickly back to the car and will probably not be back to the market till next year. (I feel bad for the vendors who are toughing it out for 3 more weeks...yikes it will be cold)

Headed to our new Burlington Coat Factory, almost bought something but the line was way too long to wait for a leotard and some not for me, for Kaitlyn. On our way out realized it had started snowing. At this point I was getting kinda anxious b/c it is not even November yet but still had a childish grin on my face b/c well, it was snowing.

Decided to get Kaitlyn and Adam some boots, hats, mittens etc for winter at Target. Found what we needed and hustled to Sam's Club. Did some good food shoppin and some food testing:) They had some really yummy samples today. I usually don't try much at stores but today I was particularly pleased.

Headed home for a good ol' nippy nap nappety nap with my girl Kaitlyn. Naps with Kaitlyn are my favorite time of day!

Woke up to a happy husband who had 2 hours to himself and his playstation that he never gets to play.

Made our pumpkin faces with the kids and put them on the back porch. We are not quite ready to venture to carving pumpkins with two toddlers. Knives and goo and mess...they would love it but one more year..than we will try it! Plus they are cute this way too right?!

Put in a yummy meatloaf and watched "Polar Express" with the fam. It was so nice we all cuddled on the couch and watched our winter movie. Perfect way to invite the Holiday Season:)

Invited a neighbor over for meatloaf and gobbled it up. Put the kids to bed, who went very willingly. Adam even did his first poop on the potty before bed, it's a sweet victorious feeling when your kids start going bathroom on the potty. Don't know why, but it just feels really good.

Had our neighbor watch the kids while we went to Wal'Mart to finish off our food shopping. It's not very often Joseph and I get to food shop together. It always is a treat. I know that is a little sad but it's true.

Finished the ward bulletin, even printed it out so now in the morning I won't be cursing at the printer b/c it's taking too long as we are always running a little late for church:)

Bed time and it's 10:30....the perfect time to go to bed.

Good night!

Growing Up

Growing Up