Wednesday, December 23, 2009


My lil' Sista is here from Oregon and Joseph's Bro is here from Virginia. We had a little craft day yesturday and made these awesome snowmen with the kids. The boys were very creative with theirs. Notice Joseph's has dreads or something and David's is covered with sequins, kind of a picasso if you may. Sunday we put the kids in their Christmas Outfits that I've been holding on to for months. I loved the plaid as we have a lot of Scottish ties. We recently went and saw xmas lights, one house had a show that went to music on the radio it was pretty awesome.

Friday, December 18, 2009


It's WhoVille at our house today. Crazy hair and Christmas cheer:) I also found this sticker faced child after doing some baking. She was so excited about the stickers until we had to pull them off....ouch! Now check out this video of Kaitlyn, Adam and David their Uncle (Joseph's bro) sledding. Adam was all about fears in all the world. Kaitlyn was not as excited. Watch at the end when Adam just hops on the sled and GOOOOOOOOOOOOO's! Yeah Adam.

Will post again soon.

Growing Up

Growing Up