Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Claw

Ready to watch Toy Story 3 (Joseph looks a little tired, but he's actually excited)

Sayin Goodbye to Nathalie and Paige

Awesome Storm that rolled in the other day...Gotta Love Severe Thunderstorms!!!

Fun with Nathalie and the kids...


Paige loved this Tiger,I shoulda let her take it home!!!

Adam and Kaitlyn coloring, Kaitlyn is now drawing in the lines, I am such a proud Mom!!!

Our Favorite Neighbor Corey Graduated from High School..we got invited to his Graduation party...we felt so "cool"!!! The kids absolutely adore Corey and he has been such a big help to me over the past 3 years. We will miss him when he leaves for college:(

We thought Toy Story 3 was a Hit! The story line was interesting and the cheezy drama made me laugh and cry! The kids had so much fun going to the theatre and were laughing histerically throughout. It captured their attention, the theatre was surprisingly quiet and well behaved for the amount of young kids being in there. I guess that's one way to tell if the movie is good....Definately going to add this movie to the duo we already have. Way to go Pixar!

We had fun this week, Nathalie and Paige came for a visit. We went to the zoo, eat lots of delicious food (Nathalie has some great recipes and is a wizard in the kitchen), partyed it up! I love me some Nathalie and Paige time! Can't wait for another visit....

Joseph finished up another trimester at school. We decided to stay home for the break so this will be our first and last official "summer" in Iowa. We are usually out of here as soon as school is out but seeing as we move in 4 months we thought it was best we lay low and enjoy these last few months in the heart land.

Here's to summer break in Iowa...CHEERS!!!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010


Joseph FINALLY brought the camera home from school...whew! Time to blog again! Kaitlyn finished her first year of school at Chatterbox Preschool. The teachers are awesome and Kaitlyn LOVED it. In fact last night when putting her to bed she asked with her Big Hazel Eyes if she could go to school the next day, I had to remind her that school is out for the summer and that she will have to wait till Fall. Hmmm..if only her enthusiasm for school can last for forever! A parent can only hope-right?, I bettter start a college Fund for this one!
This is taken at the beginning of the school year. This is a typical Kaitlyn face. Notice how she is holding her pen, her teachers have worked hard to teach her to hold it correctly and she finally has gotten it down.

Kaitlyn's Last Day, again typical Kaitlyn Silly Face! You can see how much she has grown over the last year. At school she has learned a lot. I love that she has started drawing "things" instead of scribbles and can count and do all sorts of fun stuff!

Speaking of College, Look Who Got his MBA..Our Superstar, DAVID!!!!!!!
Joseph got to travel down to Virginia to Cheer him on for us, We are so proud of our Uncle David!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Pretend Play is my Best Friend

Yesterday Adam and Kaitlyn played forever in their room. I was getting so much done, it was worrying me. How could they possibly play so long with out any need of my help...right? So I went to check in on exactly what they were doing (fully expecting to find a disaster). To my delight they were sweetly pretending to have a birthday party for their friend Antonio and all their Iowa friends. They were naming off all their friends and making sure their was a plate set for each one. Kaitlyn was especially concerned about Karter and Ryker. It was sweet joy to see their little minds being creative and to see them play together, quietly, and with out needing me! I am not sure how every mother feels but I know for me this was so relieving. It's been a long 4 years and it finally feels like I can relax again. Well at least for now:)

Growing Up

Growing Up