Saturday, October 01, 2011

Bear Country

This is what was on our front porch the other night.
Black bear black bear what do you see? I see some bird seed waiting for me. We left a big box of bird seed out on the porch and this bear couldn't get enough of it. We couldn't get him to leave! Silly bear, don't you know bird seed is for birds:) Kaitlyn started kindergarten!
She loves it, her teacher is great. I am enjoying watching her grow up, it's brought back some beautiful memories of my own childhood that had gone dormant. Kaitlyn has made lots of friends, she came home with a friends phone number the other day and has not stopped asking me to call for a play date since. I'm not exactly sure what to do with ALL the papers that come home from school. The pile is growing exponentially and it's only a month in. I'm determined to come up with some unique way to preserve the memories for her but at the same time not have them overtake my house. The other thing that made me laugh was the first week the teacher struggled with Kaitlyn over her lunch. Katie REALLY wanted school lunch but we always sent one with her. The teacher talked it over with me and I told Kaitlyn if she went a week without complaining about her lunch she could have school lunch once a week. She complied and now she enjoys her once a week greasy delicious school lunch. It's been fun to hear all the typical kindergarten stories, like boys chasing girls at recess and so forth;) We found a fabulous preschool here for Adam he LOVES it and is growing up so fast.
He is a natural reader. So good with words and sounds. He also started up in Hockey, although he has a lot to learn, just seeing how much fun he has makes it worth it.
Kaitlyn got to try out the first day with Adam and was a natural on the ice but was already committed to soccer and dance this year. Fall is in full swing here we got our Halloween all planned and our door decorated with bats and spiders. Just picked up our pumpkins today. I am trying to figure out what to do with myself now that the kids are in school. I am working at the office with Joseph and taking it slow till I find exactly what I want to do. Dr. Joseph, which is what he is called at the office since both him and his Dad are Dr. Shepro, loves being a Chiropractor. He is in Yakutat this weekend seeing patients and will be home soon. We are excited to spend the first ever holidays in Juneau and with Joseph's parents. They have been so generous with letting us stay with them and work in their office. We are anxious although to get out on our own and start our lives up for real. For now we got to find a new car as our Honda took a turn for the worst. Poor car, took us to Iowa and back 3 times and got us to Juneau here. Lots of memories were made in that car, it's funny how cars can hold cherished moments for families. I remember so many cars from my childhood and all hold special memories for me and my family...lots of funny stories too.


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I'm so happy to see things are going well for you out there! Alaska is at the tippy-top of my must-see travel list, so I hope you are still there when we actually have money to travel!! Miss you :)

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