Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Juneau Girl

Well we have been here in Juneau for almost 2 months now. I have to say I have become a good ol' Juneau girl. I am loving the weather, the mountains and the family up here! Despite the lack of shopping I have found that this place suites me rather well. Kaitlyn and Adam are loving it as well, they think everyone should move here. I have heard Kaitlyn say 8 million times, "Can't Aunt Amanda move up here and Grandma and Poppy"! Joseph is really loving his job. His Dad and him make a good team and his Mom and I work hard to keep the office running smooth. Not living in Iowa among the avid Chiropractic fans that are there it has been interesting how little the rest of the population knows about Chiropractic and it's benefits. Exspecially for kids. So I have been spreading the Love all over town and sharing how AWESOME chiropractic is! I am just about done unpacking and now have the fun job of getting crafty and decorating some more. Joseph's parents home is beautiful and I am excited to do some fun stuff with it, especially outside:) I will post pics as each room gets done, I have been finding lots of fun ideas on blogs and have a huge crafting bucket list! Here are some of the pics I had on one of my SD cards..I have a few cards FULL of photos so I'll keep posting as I have time.


Erica Jessop said...

Joseph is so lucky to have you as a that a word?? Because you do such an AWESOME job at spreading the word out and you are so knowledgeable in that area!! It makes me SO happy to see you do so well out there and loving life outside of Chiropractic because their seems to be so many that don't so you give me encouragement that life won't be so scary outside of here!! Keep the updates coming I love love to see what you guys are up to!! Love and hugs Erica

SuzyQ01 said...

I'm so glad that you are loving it up there! I really REALLY want to come up there for a visit. Of course, we still need to get settled ourselves, so give us a year. I'm not surprised that you are spreading the are so charismatic and great with people! Good luck with everything up there and we will hopefully see you sooner than later!

I will be updating my blog with news of our upcoming move and new adventure...keep your eyes peeled!

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