Sunday, December 19, 2010


My Little Princess

Adam will FINALLY let me touch his hair...He is my Handsome Boy

Kaitlyn's new FAVORITE pass time is Dress up..if you can't tell:)

Party Time..Daddy Passed his Last set of Chiropractic Boards..NO MORE BOARDS!!!!!

Katie's been begging me to have a Baby..She LOVES her Little Cousin Layla

TIME OUT FOR and Hilary Weeks! She is a beautiful song writer/singer. She helped me change my life through her music. Was so glad to meet her!

Kaitlyn and her new BEST FRIEND, her cousin McKenna!

GO BEAVERS! The gang went to see a OSU game and we just happened to Win despite the horrible season we had...


I asked Kaitlyn what she wanted to be for Halloween, she said a Girl who rides I said.."oh a Cowgirl?"..she said, "No mom not a girl who rides cows, horses!"

I feel like I can finally breath again. What a crazy Fall, which happens to be my favorite time of year. Growing up in the Northwest you can't help but live for the vibrant colors that come when fall hits. The valley's are soaked with amazing shades of reds, oranges, greens and even purples. I love being back near the mountains and right next door to the crashing scenic Oregon Coast! With the change of seasons this year came a lot of change in our lives. Because of my sudden development of panic attacks (see previous post on IUD), my loving husband quickly flew with the kids and I home to Oregon and moved us in with my parents in Tualatin. He flew back immediately to Iowa to finish up school and two rigorous sets of National Chiropractic Board exams. My parents and brothers and sisters took us in and helped me recover. Within a few weeks of being home and a few visits to a very good doctor, I began to get better and better. I have been panic attack free for a while now and it feels so liberating. I have to give a shout out to my Heavenly Father who even though I tend to turn to Him only when I need Him for something, was totally there for me, which is what has made this Christmas season even more special for us. I feel so grateful for the atonement and for the accessibility we have to our Savior through the scriptures, modern day Prophets and through Prayer.
We have had many wonderful adventures since arriving here in Oregon. Kaitlyn and Adam have been LOVING being near all there cousins, aunts and uncles and of course their Poppy and Grandma. They are also LOVING their Preschool classes and the two dogs my parents have. We had an amazing Holiday Season and a very Merry New Year which we spent at the Coast with Joseph's family.
Joseph and I will be heading over to Iowa in February to attend his graduation and then will be starting the migration North up to Juneau in the Spring to start work with his Dad. Joseph has been enjoying his internship and loves doing Chiropractic work..thank goodness right?? since we just spent 5 years and a lot of money on it:) I am working for my Dad in his office, which I LOVE, and am helping my sister out who has 5 kids and some crazy stuff going on.
I'm disappointed I have not kept better notes on life here on my blog for family history reasons' but it's hard when you haven't posted in while because you feel the need to go back and post about everything you might have missed. Somehow this makes me feel so overwhelmed that I just avoid posting at all, so I gave up on that idea and am not going to go back and try to cover every detail over the past few months but will make a better effort to post more often for a while at least. So here's to a lot of posts for 2011!!!! Love and kisses to all our friends and family!!!


SuzyQ01 said...

I'm so glad things are going well for you! I miss you and hopefully will see you soon. I guess we will have to take a trip to Alaska, but that's not such a bad thing, right?!!

Chris, Kerri, & The Boys said...

Thanks for the update!! Glad things are plugging along for you:)

Sara said...

Glad to hear what's up with you guys! Hope to see you in February! :)

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